Who loves ya' Baby?

Who loves ya' Baby?

Self love. Feel it. Teach it. Encourage it. Promote it... every single chance you get.

With February being the "Month of Love" and all I thought I would take this opportunity to shine the "Blawesome Spotlight" on what I believe to be the most under promoted "type" of love...


self love.


(see "which one are you?" video here)

I hope you clicked on the video and I hope you smiled. Consider that smile my Valentine's Day gift to you! I hope you have someone you can share the video with and laugh and reminisce!

I recently shared this video with my sisters. It opened up the most wonderful conversation between us! We all spoke so lovingly about our younger selves. We reminisced about those mini-selves and the unique personalities we each had. We smiled and basked in the sunshine of those beautiful memories for quite some time that morning. After our coffee was finished, it was time for us all to put down our phones and get on with our day. We all walked away from that conversation with the same hope and desire:

To be able to plant a seedling of self love in the hearts of the children in our lives. To have the ability to give to them the same sense of self love that we have come to truly feel as "mature" (and by that I mean REALLY older ;-) women.

I remember as a young parent spending a lot of effort teaching my children that they are "perfect" and that they should be so proud of how "good" they are at this, that or the other. Looking back I wish I would've spent more time attempting to teach them how to accept and truly love all the things that were not "A-typically perfect" about them. I wish I would've spent more effort teaching them how to love those things they might have seen as "flaws" in themselves. Less time trying to convince them they either "didn't have" said flaw or that said "thing" wasn't a "flaw". But, of course, twenty-something year old me didn't have those tools in her Mommy toolbox (nor did thirty-something year old me, for that matter). I don't know about the saying "With age comes wisdom" but I do feel strongly that "With years spent on this earth comes the ability to accept and love our self."

I hope that with each generation the children of our world gain, as children, more and more self acceptance and self love. I hope that they can be blessed with the ability to "watch" themselves grow up with grace, dignity and a humbled loving heart.

Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Month of Love!



  1. Texas Susie Texas Susie

    I love you baby sister
    Very beautifully spoken by a genuine and “real” woman that I am proud to say is my friend. Your gentle and honest touch is a part of every one of my days. Thank you for very simply being you.

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