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April Edition

Spotlight Item

Dance Socks have arrived and dancers are going nuts over them! I'm sure you or your dancer has seen them at the latest workshop or competition. We've found a couple styles that we really like and added them to our shelves. We have Blochsox from Bloch (pictured above) and Sugar & Bruno's Performance Socks (not just for performances).

Shiny & New

Spring Fashion has arrived! Beautiful new leos and super cute bratops, briefs and leggings are all in store now. Come get something fun!

Out & About

It's dance competition season! I hope everyone is enjoying  participating, however it is that you do. It takes a village, right? Whether you are the Dancer, the Dance Mom, the Dance Dad or the Dance Instructor, I hope you are enjoying all the moments that a competition season offers.

What's "In store" for April

We have a couple fun days planned for April! Get your tutus fluffed and ready for a Tutu Tuesday! We'll also be having our own little grown up version of an Easter Egg Hunt where you will be getting the opportunity to pick your discount filled easter egg form our basket! Keep an eye on our social media and your inbox (and your texts if you're a member of our text club) for dates of both events.

a little somethin' sweet...

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March 2019 edition of the

"It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade." - Charles Dickens

March brings a bit of gold to our water bottle shelf! This shiny golden chrome Sugar & Bruno water bottle is just one of many fun new bottles we've recently added to our awesome selection!


It's PLAY SEASON here in Ocean & surrounding counties! Chicago, Little Mermaid, Hello Dolly, Bring It On, Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Drowsy Chaperone are just a handful of the performances you can enjoy. Opening nights and play dates are posted in store on our Call Board if a cast member has brought us a poster. Our "break a leg"s and "standing O"s go out to all our local performers and backstage members! We would love to hear about your performances and or any funny performance stories you might have!
what's "IN STORE" for March

Keep an eye on our social media for announcements. We will be giving out Lucky Coin Discounts on Monday, March 18th. Stop by, shop, then pick your lucky coin out of St. Patrick's hat! Enjoy a great discount, courtesy of Encore (& St. Patrick!)

We've added a few great basics (meaning we'll have them all the time) to our shelves. We stay curious about new items, we listen to your requests and inquiries, we are always willing to "test drive" new products. All of these things add up to our fun, up to date & interesting store full of great new items! You will almost always find something at Encore that you didn't see last time you stopped by. This month we've added:

Practice & Performance Socks by both BLOCH & SUGAR & BRUNO. You've seen them at your workshops, competitions, on dance shows, in DANCE magazines. Now you can find them right here at Encore!
Rosin Spray. Oh No! Your venue doesn't allow rosin?! Well, worry no more! Encore has your solution. Rosin in a neat little bottle that can be sprayed quickly & discreetly.
10mm Performance Earrings in both post & clip. Smaller than our previous "smallest" option. So we now have 4 different size options for your performance earrings. Something for every size dancer!

Garment Bag Giveaway!
Show me this AWESOME EXPRESS MARCH EDITION at checkout & your name will be entered into our Garment Bag Giveaway! We'll pull out a lucky winner on Monday April 1st (no foolin'!)

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