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Hello Tip Tap Toe parents!

Here is where you will find all your shoe and tights requirements for your child's classes as well as their recital! Your Studio Catalog is super easy to navigate. You can choose to have your order delivered to you (over $150 ships FREE, under $150 ships for a flat rate of $6) or pick up your items at Encore in Toms River. Of course, we can always take care of all your class and recital requirements right in our store as well. We keep a list of what all you need on hand at all times so we can make sure you have everything just right on recital day, or any dance day for that matter!!

The following links will bring you to the product page for your specific required shoe and tight. On the product page, please select proper size for your child, check that the proper color is selected, then place your order.

I invite you to visit the rest of our website for lots of fun dance items as well as newsletters and a ton of info about our fabulous store and all of our awesome programs!

Jazz and Contemporary Classes:

             Bloch Spin II S0639L
             Capezio Stirrup Light Suntan LSN (adult)     (child)

Ballet Classes:

              No specific ballet shoes (which ever style fits their foot the best)  adult options     child options
               Capezio Transition Ballet Pink BPK (adult)     (child)

Tap Classes:
              Leo Giordano Spectator Black and White
              Capezio Transition Light Suntan LSN (adult)      (Child)

Combo Classes:
              Bloch Tap On S0302 TAN
             Capezio Transition Light Suntan LSN (Toddler)


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