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The Zero Talent Club ... are you in it?

17 Feb, 2022

A list of 10 things you can do, to insure your success, that require ZERO TALENT. Being successful at whatever you set out to do takes so much more than talent. We should all take notice of the things we can practice, teach and pass along to the young people in our lives. Read more


05 May, 2021

We, of course, have all our wonderful gift items for your dancer's big recital day! You'll have a wonderful time picking out the perfect gift for everyone on your list. We have great gifts for dancers of all ages as well as instructors and Dance Moms!
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DANCER THINGS A to Z ... a roadtrip game for dancers.

26 Jan, 2021

So, remember those long family car rides to Grandma's house or to vacation or to... A DANCE COMPETITION? Remember those days? Well, if  your family is anything like my family you have a list of "roadtrip games" to go along with your "roadtrip playlist". Our list consisted of: BUZZ-the math game, LICENSE PLATES-spotting the different states... Read more

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