It's Fall Y'all!

I hope you have been enjoying all that Fall has to offer. I certainly have! I've enjoyed a few beautiful drives along the Garden State Parkway. The colors are absolutely beautiful right now! I've also enjoyed snuggling up with my loved ones while watching some of our little ones play some Fall Ball. We've taken the time to gather as a family and enjoy some wonderful, warm food that has been prepared with love and displayed on a great big family table. I love everything about this season!

I also, very much enjoy my time at Encore this time of year. Halloween is tons of fun with all the little ones (and not so little) coming in for help with their costume ideas. I love to see lots of Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and Parents as they plan special holiday surprises for their favorite dancers. Helping with a dancer's wish list or creating a great surprise are a couple of the things I enjoy the most.

A big part of what I enjoy about Encore right now is that I get to stock the shelves with all kinds of fun items for your holiday shopping! I've been hard at work picking out all kinds of unique items to put in the store to help you fulfill all of your dancer's wish lists! I have new items arriving just about every day so you should definitely stop by often while you are out and about doing your holiday shopping.

To help you kick off your holiday shopping,we will be hosting our annual BLACK FRIDAY SALE EVENT!
We'll be offering a storewide and sitewide discount of 20%. No code or coupon needed. Just stop in or do your shopping from the comfort of your couch.
Happy shopping!
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Our awesome blog!

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

10 Oct, 2020

The best costume is the one you make yourself! Whether you're going for cute, clever, smart, sassy... I'm sure you have all the wit and craftiness it takes to come up with a fabulous one of a kind costume. You're sure to be a hit at your Halloween Party or your kids Trick or Treating event!
Here's a short list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing: Read more

Let's Talk About the Good Stuff Dance offers your Children.

24 Sep, 2020

Dance Class is a wonderful option for a little extra activity for your kids. Dance classes can have powerful benefits for your child. If you aren’t sure whether your toddler or kindergartner is ready for dance, explore these reasons why, in my opinion, dance is good for kids. Dance classes can nurture your child’s talent and spark your little dancer’s creativity. Creative movement can positively impact a child’s physical, emotional, and mental health. Plus dancing is a fun way to release your energy and excitement! Read more

"Summers Off"

22 Jun, 2020

Sooooooo, what are your plans for this summer?
Will you be dancing?
Will you be taking classes in the city?
I was always a big fan of "summers off" both as a child as well as a Mom of young athletes.
As a young girl, I grew up on a farm in the south. I was lucky enough to have what seemed like an endless supply of long, sweet summer days to run, climb, swim and ride. Read more

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