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Back to School means Back to Dance Class!

04 Sep, 2019

Be a friend for someone who needs one.
Let's teach our children this very important life skill.
As all our kids are returning to dance class and school this message seems very important. It's a simple life skill that we should all have and that we should all work diligently to give our children. Read more

"Summers Off"

20 Jun, 2019

Sooooooo, what are your plans for this summer?
Will you be dancing?
Will you be taking classes in the city?
I was always a big fan of "summers off" both as a child as well as a Mom of young athletes.
As a young girl, I grew up on a farm in the south. I was lucky enough to have what seemed like an endless supply of long, sweet summer days to run, climb, swim and ride. Read more

It's almost Jersey Shore beach time! Do you have your badge?

15 May, 2019

Your go to guide to beaches and badges at the Jersey Shore! Read more

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