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Dynamic Boxliner #2’s

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Why do I need these extra cushions?

Maybe you don’t, but every foot is different and many of them are not perfectly suited for pointework. Gaynor Minden strives to make it possible for everyone to enjoy ballet, even those with “difficult feet”. The right combination of cushions and liners inside the toe box can solve a multitude of problems such as compressible metatarsals, narrow heels, tapered toes, longer second toes, a large space between the first two toes, and sensitive toe nails. For example, dancers with compressible metatarsals slide too easily down into the box, which causes painful pressure on the big toe (and perhaps a bruised toenail). For them, a Box Liner can provide instant relief.

In the past dancers were told to suffer patiently until their feet toughened or to use lambs’ wool to ease the pain. Lambs’ wool is soft but it lacks the dynamic qualities that provide real shock absorption and a customized fit. It also compresses greatly, which can cause your shoes to suddenly become too large.

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